In this post, we'll be looking at three different types of men's slippers to determine which ones are the best house slippers for men. The three types of men's slippers we're looking at are traditional slippers, trainer slippers and men's indoor shoes.

Types Of House Slippers For Men

You may be surprised to know that there are multiple different types of slippers for men. Let’s discuss some of them in more detail to help us determine which ones are the best. 

traditional mens slippers

Traditional Men's Slippers

We are all familiar with traditional men's slippers. They often come in a simple style that you can slip on and off the foot. They can be closed-back footwear but are often open-back. Most people would choose this style of slipper for its convenience. Slip them on, and you're good to go. 

trainer slipper for men

Trainer Slippers For Men

Trainer slippers are a revolutionary modern take on the traditional slipper. They combine comfort and style to give you a pair of slippers that you are proud to show off. As the OG indoor trainer slipper brand, CrepStars aim to change the slipper game. Find out more about our journey on our website’s “about” page. 

mens indoor shoes

Men's Indoor Shoes

Indoor shoes are often very durable. You will tend to find that they have a flat - rubber sole with a multi-directional pattern that minimises the risk of slips, trips and falls. Unlike a traditional slipper, they provide more support. They also tend to look less plush and comfortable than a traditional slipper as they are more structured. 

Most Stylish House Slippers For Men: Trainer Slippers

Trainer slippers do not compromise on style, especially our statement Lambo Indoor Trainer Slippers. They give you all the qualities you could need from a slipper, like practicality and comfort - while achieving a modern trainer style aesthetic.

A trainer slipper looks like a laceless trainer on the surface but still functions as a regular slipper, making them the best stylish gaming trainers and house slippers for men. At CrepStars we believe that slippers should complement your style, so you are proud to show them off. 

warm mens slippers

Warmest House Slippers For Men: Traditional Slippers

Traditional slippers certainly provide the most warmth. Unlike trainer slippers and indoor shoes, they can be a lot more plush, meaning there is a lot more cushioned fabric used. The downside of this is they often do not provide as much support as the other types of slippers on the market. However, if warmth is what you're after, a traditional slipper is the ideal solution. 


Best All Round Slippers For Men: Trainer Slippers

If you are looking for a slipper that is a good all-rounder, then we highly recommend trainer slippers. As well as providing you with the comfort you need, they are practical, and most importantly, they are stylish. So stylish - that people wouldn't be able to tell they are slippers in the first place!

To get the most out of your trainer slippers, you must measure your feet to help you find your ideal size. To help with this, we have posted a slipper sizing guide on our website. Finding the right size is crucial - so you don't damage your feet in the long run. 

indoor shoes

Most Supportive Slippers For Men: Men's Indoor Shoes

There may be instances where you need slippers that provide ultimate support. This could be down to a medical condition. Therefore, indoor shoes are a top recommendation. As previously discussed, they have a rubber sole that provides extra grip. This will prevent you from slipping over.

Plush slippers, like traditional ones, offer less support as they tend to have a softer sole. Indoor shoes also tend to be closed-back, which stops your feet from slipping out of them and keeps them more secure.   

Longest Lasting Slippers For Men: Trainer Slippers And Indoor Shoes

If you want slippers that are going to last, then trainer slippers and indoor shoes are the way to go. They are more durable than a traditional slipper as they provide your foot with more overall support. They are also made from more durable materials like memory foam and rubber, which are more capable of withstanding traditional wear and tear.

Like all footwear, you should take care of your slippers and understand how to wash them and keep them in good condition. We’ve discussed this over in the FAQs section on our website, so don’t hesitate to check it out.  

How To Choose The Best Slippers For Men

To help you choose the best slippers, there are a few qualities you should look out for – size, practicality and comfort. We believe that our range of CrepStars has it all.

If you have any questions regarding our range, please get in touch with us by clicking here or check out our FAQs. If you would like to check out our range, don't hesitate to head over to our website to see the colour range that we offer at

Written by Steve Jones

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