Slippers can certainly provide comfort and support for your feet while in the home. However, some question whether wearing them for prolonged periods can damage your feet. This blog will delve into this question to find those all-important answers. Should we boycott slippers altogether? Or praise them for their convenience? 

Is It Bad To Wear Slippers All Day?

It would seem that wearing slippers all day is not deemed harmful. Research shows that medical professionals like Dr. Rock CJay Positano and Dr. Rock G. Positano believe that if your slippers are sturdy and not like sandals, wearing them around the house is a good idea. This is because your slippers protect your feet. They are a shock absorber, as they support the sole of your feet as well as your heels and toes. 

Which Type Of Slippers Are Good For Your Feet?

Some slipper types are better for your feet than others. Breathable fabrics are ideal to look for as they provide your feet with warmth and comfort. A sturdy, anti-slip sole is also beneficial as it moulds to the contours of your feet. Some of the best slipper types are trainer slippers and indoor shoes, as they provide better overall support for your foot.

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Wearing Slippers While Working From Home

While working from home, it would help if you took some time to walk barefoot around the house to help you build foot strength. However, it is also recommended that you wear slippers too. Slippers can minimise your risk of slipping or falling over – especially if you choose a pair that has an anti-slip sole. In the colder months, they can also keep your feet warm, encouraging a healthy blood flow around your body. 

Wearing Slippers Vs Walking Barefoot

Wearing slippers provides a lot more protection for your feet. When we walk barefoot, we are exposing our feet to the cold. We start to lose body heat, and as a result, our blood circulation decreases with it. This can affect your health as you become more prone to illnesses such as the flu. Wearing slippers helps you stay warm - whilst keeping the blood flowing around your body, helping your immune system fend off diseases. 

Wearing Slippers Vs Indoor Trainers

Slippers provide a lot of comfort, whilst indoor trainers offer more support as they tend to be more durable. CrepStars are the perfect in-between, giving you the best of both worlds. Not only do they provide comfort and support, but they also don't compromise your style. Now, you can purchase a slipper that has it all. Keeping your feet protected and providing you with a pair of slippers that you are proud to show off. 

So, Are Slippers Bad For Your Feet?

Not all slippers are bad for your feet. However, it is vital that you find the right type of footwear for you. Some people require more support from their slippers, while others yearn for that comfort. Try looking for slippers that offer the best of both worlds, like our range of trainer slippers. Check them out over on our website at

Written by Ben Barnes

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