Meet Steve Jones, not just the founder of CrepStars, but a man with a vision that's as robust as the soles of the indoor trainers he created. Steve's journey isn't just about revolutionizing indoor footwear; it's a tale of resilience, passion, and a dream to make a mark in the world.

Once a successful owner of a flourishing flooring business, Steve felt a calling for something more, something that resonated with his personal needs and passions. This quest led him to envision CrepStars, a brand that embodies style, comfort, and the spirit of modernity. But Steve's journey wasn't without its challenges. He even filmed for Dragon's Den, pouring his heart into the pitch. Unfortunately, his episode never aired on TV, but that didn't deter him. It was just a stepping stone in his relentless pursuit.

CrepStars is more than just a brand; it's a realization of Steve's dream to create something he personally longed for – a unique blend of the sneaker's style and the slipper's comfort. After three years of meticulous research, collaborating with gym enthusiasts, sneakerheads, top-notch designers, and factories, the CrepStars Lambo was born. This laceless trainer is a marvel, a testament to Steve's vision, combining the sleekness of a modern sneaker with the snug feel of a traditional slipper.

But what truly fuels Steve's passion is his desire to be a role model for his two young sons. He wants to instill in them the values of hard work and the belief that perseverance pays off. Every stitch in the Lambo indoor trainers isn't just about creating a superior product; it's a stitch in the fabric of a legacy Steve wants to leave for his children.

As the pioneering brand of indoor trainer slippers, CrepStars continues to push the boundaries. Each product is a blend of innovation, superior design, and a dedication to crafting indoor footwear that's unlike anything on the market. Made with soft, lightweight fabrics and a memory foam fleece inner sole, these shoes aren't just footwear; they're a luxury experience for your feet.

CrepStars isn't just changing the way we think about indoor shoes; it's a symbol of how a dream, fueled by passion and hard work, can lead to extraordinary places. It's about not giving up, even when the road gets tough, like when Steve's TV opportunity didn't pan out. It's about seeing a need, in his case for a stylish yet comfortable indoor trainer, and taking the bold step to fulfill it.

So, why settle for mundane indoor slippers? Join Steve and the CrepStars family in this exciting journey. With CrepStars, you're not just wearing a shoe; you're embracing a lifestyle, a culture that values innovation, style, and comfort. Let your feet experience the thrill of wearing our Lambo indoor trainers, and be a part of a movement that's reshaping the world of indoor footwear. Embrace the CrepStars revolution today and be inspired to take your own steps in the journey of life.



 Our Values 

Authenticity and persistence are core to our values and this ethos guides everything we do. We’re passionate about supporting our CrepStars customers and ambassadors to be the best they can be.



The quality of being real or true



the fact of continuing in an opinion or course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.