Finding the perfect indoor footwear can be a challenge at times. You want something that is comfortable, but if you are style-conscious like us, you also want something that looks great. To help you, we have put together this quick trainer slippers buying guide to help you find a high-quality product. 

What Are Trainer Slippers?

Trainer slippers fuse classic slipper comforts with a modern trainer style aesthetic bringing something totally new to the slipper market. They are crafted with lightweight fabrics and a memory foam fleece inner sole to achieve premium comfort whilst showcasing a stylish look.

CrepStars defined the trainer slipper to create a fresh pair of slippers that don’t compromise your style. They are a seamless combination of a laceless trainer and a soft slipper, making them ideal for both in and around the home. Find out more about our collection via the “about” section on our website. 

Five Essential Tips For Buying Men's Trainer Slippers

Below, we have shared our five essential tips for buying men's trainer slippers to give you a helping hand. From finding your ideal size to practicality, here are a few things you should consider. 

Tip 1: Measure Your Shoe Size

Shoe size is hugely important when purchasing footwear, and the same goes for trainer slippers. Too big, and they will slip off the heel of your feet. Too small, and they will feel uncomfortable/tight. Before making a purchase, you should always measure your shoe size.

Footwear that is too small can lead to a long list of problems such as flat feet and blisters, which is certainly something you want to avoid. We’ve provided a guide on our website to help you with this. Take a look at our slipper sizing guide for some more information. 

Tip 2: Look At Material Types

Upon purchasing your trainer slippers, you should first ask yourself an important question – what do you need your slippers to offer you? For example, do you want slippers that look stylish - or ones that you can wear outdoors as well as indoors? Will they be your next pair of holiday trainers?

Start by looking at the materials of the slippers you are buying. For example, we do not recommend wearing CrepStars outdoors at all times due to the nature of the materials that we use. Knowing this information will help you throughout the buying process. 

Tip 3: Consider Practicality

We are all aware that there are a lot of novelty slippers on the market. Although they can be humorous, you will tend to find that they are not as practical as a trainer slipper. Before purchasing a pair of slippers, you should always question their practicality.

Will they provide your foot with enough support? Could you get away with wearing them out of the house? No one wants an embarrassing slipper moment as you take the bins out. If you are anything like us, you will want indoor footwear that coincides with your lifestyle at home, in the gym or on holiday. 

Tip 4: Choose A Closed-Back Slipper

You are likely going to want support from your slipper. Therefore, it can be beneficial to choose a closed-back slipper. They will provide more support for your foot. It allows your foot to stay secure in the shoe, so your toes do not have to grip the slipper as you walk.

This can offer several fantastic benefits, such as minimising your risk of developing hammertoes. This is when the middle joint of your toe curls due to an imbalance in the muscles. 

Tip 5: Seek Comfort

Although you want practicality from your slippers, you should also seek comfort. After all, you are most likely aiming to wear your trainer slippers around the house to lounge in. Therefore, it can help to look out for materials such as memory foam - like we use for the inner sole of our CrepStars.

Memory foam provides a lot of comfort but also helps relieve pressure on your feet. This is because they mould to the shape of your feet and provide cushioning, giving you comfort with every step. 

Men's Trainer Slippers FAQ

As we are bringing something new to the slipper market, we understand some people may have questions about our product. Below, we have listed some FAQ’s and provided some answers. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via our website. We aim to get back to you as quickly as possible. 

Can Trainer Slippers Be Worn Outside?

Although CrepStars fuse outdoor styling with indoor footwear, they are not fully designed for day-to-day outdoor wear. They are the ideal slipper for wearing in the home. However, if you do need to nip outside to get something from your car or the local shop, they will easily stand. 

Can Trainer Slippers Be Washed?

At CrepStars, we have made sure to machine wash test our range of trainer slippers. However, like all footwear, we wouldn’t recommend that you wash them in your machine frequently. The same also goes for tumble drying. This will help them withhold their high quality so you can stay looking fresh. 

What Are Men's Trainer Slippers Made From?

Three materials are used to craft our CrepStars range – lightweight, breathable mesh, memory foam and EVA. The breathable mesh fits the contours of your foot, while the memory foam inner sole provides support. EVA is a foam padding - often used in running shoes. It provides a flexible, hard wearing sole for our trainer slippers. 

Can Trainer Slippers Be Worn On Carpet And Hard Floors?

Trainer slippers can be worn on both carpet and hard floors. However, as briefly mentioned, you should avoid frequently wearing your CrepStars outdoors. The EVA foam used in the creation of our slippers provides a flexible, hard wearing sole which is ideal for hard floors. 

Check Out Our Men's Trainer Slippers

Trainer slippers are the perfect indoor footwear for those who want to stay looking fresh at home. Our statement CrepStars Lambo collection was created to revolutionise the men's slipper market. Who said slippers couldn’t look stylish? Certainly not us. Head over to our website to check out our collection at

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