Gaming continues to grow in popularity across the world. Many gamers enter tournaments that can last hours on end. It is important that during this time, you are comfortable in your gaming setup. What if we told you there is a range of footwear out there that aims to revolutionise how you play? Check out our gaming trainers buying guide below. 

What Are Gaming Trainers?

Gaming trainers are a fusion of classic slipper comforts with a modern trainer style aesthetic. They are a modern take on the everyday slipper, showcasing comfort and style. Each shoe is crafted with lightweight fabrics and a memory foam fleece inner sole to achieve premium comfort whilst showcasing a stylish look. 

CrepStars was founded by Steve Jones, who saw a gap in the market for an indoor trainer that teams up as a slipper. They are a seamless combination of a laceless trainer and a soft slipper, making them ideal for gaming as they provide practicality and comfortability. Find out more about our CrepStars via our website’s “about” section.

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Five Essential Tips For Buying Gaming Trainers

If you are new to the world of gaming trainers, you may be looking for some guidance on elements like shoe size before making a purchase. Take a look at our five top tips below - to help you get started.

Tip 1: Look For Practicality

Practicality is certainly a quality you need from your gaming trainers. Not only do you want footwear that is comfortable, but you also want something that will provide your feet with the support they need. It is recommended that you look at the materials used to make the trainers. Ask yourself – are they durable enough? Will they provide you with the comfort and style you are looking for? When it comes to gaming trainers, we truly believe practicality cannot be compromised. 

Tip 2: Seek Full Foot Support

Gaming can get intense at the best of times. So, it is important that you look for a shoe that provides your foot with good overall support. A closed-back shoe, like our range of CrepStars, can help you achieve this. It provides more security for your foot, taking pressure off your toes as they do not have to grip the shoe as you walk. This offers fantastic benefits, such as minimising your risk of developing hammertoes. This is when the middle joint of your toe curls due to an imbalance in the muscles.

Tip 3: Measure Your Shoe Size

Purchasing gaming trainers that are the wrong size can lead to a long list of problems such as deformed toes and blisters, which is certainly something you want to avoid. Therefore, it is crucial that you get your size correct. Measuring your feet is vital. We’ve provided a guide on our website to help you with this. Take a look at our slipper sizing guide for some more information.

Tip 4: Know How To Look After Your Gaming Trainers

To prolong the shelf life of your gaming trainers, you should know how to look after them. For example, avoid wearing them outside too much as this will affect the quality over time. If you need to wash your trainers, make sure you do so with care. As well as cleaning them too frequently, you should also avoid putting them into the tumble dryer as much as possible. This could affect the sizing over time. 

Tip 5: Don't Compromise On Style

You certainly don’t need to compromise on style when it comes to gaming trainers. We created CrepStars to achieve a modern trainer style aesthetic. Our range of indoor footwear should blend seamlessly with your style, giving you a pair of gaming trainers to be proud of. 

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Gaming Trainers FAQ

Gaming trainers are a new product to hit the market. Therefore, we understand that some people may have questions surrounding our CrepStars range. We have listed some FAQs below and provided you with some answers. If you have any more questions that are not included in our FAQs, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our website. We aim to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Can Gaming Trainers Be Worn Outside?

CrepStars fuse outdoor styling with indoor footwear, so you may think they can be worn outside. However, it is important to note they are not fully designed for day-to-day outdoor wear. They are the ideal footwear for wearing in the home. That being said, if you do need to quickly nip outside, your CrepStars will easily stand up to it.

Can Gaming Trainers Be Worn On Carpet And Hard Floors?

Due to the materials we use to create CrepStars, they are suitable to be worn both on the carpet and hard floors. Bear in mind that you should try and avoid always wearing gaming trainers outside. This keeps them clean and prevents bringing dirt indoors meaning you’ve always got fresh and clean indoor footwear. 

Are Gaming Trainers Comfortable?

Yes! Gaming trainers, like CrepStars, aim to provide comfort. This is why we use materials like memory foam that mould to the shape of your foot. Not only does this help you achieve maximum comfort, but it also relieves pressure on your feet.

We understand that gaming tournaments can last for hours on end. So, you need a trainer that will withstand that prolonged activity, giving you the comfort you need. 

Will Gaming Trainers Keep My Feet Warm?

Gaming trainers will keep your feet warm. Although our CrepStars use a mesh material, they also have a memory foam fleece inner sole that provides warmth and comfort.

You also don't need to worry about your feet overheating, as the mesh material used on top of the shoe is breathable and fits the contour of your foot for ultimate comfort. 

How Often Should I Wash My Gaming Trainers?

We recommend not washing your gaming trainers frequently. The same goes for tumble drying. Although our range of CrepStars have been machine wash tested, we believe the high quality will withstand with fewer washes. So, you can continue looking fresh - whilst enjoying the comfort they offer. 

Check Out Our Men's Trainer Slippers

Trainer slippers are the ideal footwear for all gamers out there. Our statement CrepStars Lambo collection was created to revolutionise the men's slipper market. Who said indoor footwear couldn’t look stylish whilst retaining ultimate comfort? Certainly not us. If you would like to check out our new line of footwear, head over to our website to see the full colour range at


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