Here at CrepStars HQ - we are proud to introduce you to the ultimate pair of men's slipper shoes for lounging at home.

They're called 'Lambos' and are a unique alternative to drab slippers and outdated slippers that are currently on the market!

We've worked with top shoe designers to create a super comfortable, breathable indoor slipper that you won't want to take off. But what makes them so special?

Well, with a cushioned, microfibre insole that moulds to your foot thanks to the memory foam your feet stay, supported and balanced all day long. Plus, you get a modern sneaker look rather than an old man slipper! 

With an array of innovative features, you can rest assure that your feet will be the coolest and most comfortable in the room when you slip into a pair of CrepStars Lambos.

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Slipper Shoes Styles

If you believe that all slippers are the same, then you could’t be more wrong! There are so many different types of slippers on the market which is what makes it difficult to decide which pair to get.

Choosing the right type of slippers will ensure your feet stay comfortable and warm all day, every day. So, if you are unsure which ones will suit you best, it is best to explore some of the different types:

  • Trainer Slippers (Like CrepStars)
  • House Slippers
  • Scuff Slippers
  • Moccasin Slippers

Traditionally, house slippers are designed with a very soft bottom, while scuff slippers are usually flat slippers with a rough bottom. Moccasins are lined with a variety of materials and have even become a bit of a fashion statement.

sandles vs slippers

Slipper Shoes vs Sandals

Whenever you shop online you are faced with a multitude of choices, especially when it comes to lightweight footwear. With so many options, trying to get the bottom of the different types of slippers and their benefits can feel like a drag. 

Sandals are becoming more popular as a slipper and holiday shoe and can provide similar benefits to slipper shoes in that they both provide support and protection to your feet. 

If you are looking for shoes that are easy to slip on, sandals or sliders are a good option However, you need to consider the following if you’re thinking about swapping our your slippers for sandals. 

  • Slipper shoes are warmer than sandals
  • Sandals sometimes have buckles or straps
  • Slippers provide more cushioning

While slippers are typically defined as indoor shoes, suitable for casual wear and relaxation, sandals are a type of open lightweight shoe that can be worn for all kinds of occasions, such as a vacation evening or a stroll along the beach.

How Comfy Are Mens Slipper Shoes?

Spending the majority of your time on your feet working long hours or running errands during busy weekends means you need to make the most of your down time. Finding the right men’s cosy slipper shoes can make a huge difference.

If your home has hardwood floors, a pair of cushioned men’s slippers like the brand new CrepStars Lambo is the perfect option for supporting your feet.

The CrepStars Lambo trainer slippers combine style and comfort with a revolutionary take on the traditional slipper. They have been designed with a special EVA- sole design, ensuring unparalleled comfort.

Caring For Your Slipper Shoes

No matter how often you wear them, slippers should be cleaned regularly to keep them comfy, soft, fresh, and looking great for as long as possible. This is why it is important to take the right steps to care for them.

The first place to start is to wipe down the soles. You can either use baby wipes or a damp cloth with gentle soap to get rid of debris, grit, or mud.

If your slippers start to smell, you can sprinkle some food powder or baking soda to neutralise the smell. For a deeper clean, it is best to dampen the inside of the slippers with a wet cloth and a mild detergent.

best mens slippers

3 Indoor Activities You Can Do Wearing Your CrepStars Lambo Trainer Slippers

As you already know, trainer slippers are an excellent way of keeping your toes warm and cosy, they’re also pretty versatile! 

When we designed the Lambo we knew they needed to work as hard as you do, and keep up with your busy lifestyle. That’s why whether your working out, working at home or taking it easy on the sofa you’ll want to do it in a pair of CrepStars. 

Home Workouts

The unique sole on our Lambo provides grip on all indoor surfaces and doesn’t leave a mark. This feature combined with the cushioned inner makes them perfect for indoor workouts whether that’s at the gym, at home or at a workout class. 

Remote Working

We’re all working from home a lot more which means less movement and sitting down for longer periods. Wearing slippers encourages healthy blood flow around your body and keep your feet warm. This means working from home can become even more comfortable, since your feet will be well taken care of. 


We wanted the Lambo to work with you when you’re on the go and support you when you’re relaxing. Thats why we’ve build in a memory foam inner sole lined with microfibe that means you can wear you slippers with no socks. Plus, the engineered mesh stops your feet from sweating by keeping them at a stable temperature. 

best mens trainer slippers

Why Choose CrepStars Lambos?

As the best-in-class slipper shoe, our 'Lambos' were designed from the ground up by those in the know, from gym fanatics, professional designers, and reputable footwear manufacturers, we firmly believe these revolutionary indoor sneakers are the best on the market.

So why wait?

Pre-order your pair of CrepStars Lambos today!


Can slipper shoes go in the washing machine?

As a general rule of thumb, slipper shoes should be spot cleaned and are not to be washed in the washing machine too frequently. The same goes for tumble drying.

What to wear with slipper shoes?

You can wear your slippers with anything you like. Crepstars have a microfibre insole which means they can be worn barefoot and with socks.

How much grip do slipper shoes provide?

Wearing durable and reliable slipper shoes, such as the new CrepStars Lambo will ensure there is no chance of slipping or falling when you move about. Their spongy EVA foam outsole has a grip pattern that won’t mark your home’s flooring.

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