Are you looking for style advice for those lazy days at home? Or, maybe you're looking for a classic style that's comfy and doesn't need to be changed when you get dragged into that inevitable Zoom call.

Fear not. We're here with a quick list of seven fashion tips for men for when you're staying at home but still want to look fresh. After reading this, you'll be ready to kit yourself out from head to toe in the best leisurewear goods so that when you're at home, you don't need to compromise on style.

baggy outfit

Opt For a Classic Baggy Outfit

A classic baggy outfit will be perfect for lounging around at the house. Baggy clothes are the way forward here, so think of sweatpants, a loose-fitting t-shirt and a hoodie.

Alternatively, Go For Straight Up Slim Fit

When looking for fashion tips for men, it's a bit of an open secret that the ultimate lazy day outfit is slim fit loungewear. If you're investing in your clothes for work, why not pay a little more for something that you can wear when you're lounging? It's the most versatile option that can be worn with any footwear or accessory and still look chic.

indoor trainer slippers

Ditch Traditional Slippers For Trainer Slippers

Slippers are a staple of the house wear market. But there is a difference between traditional slippers and the trainer slipper. Traditional slippers typically have a thick, fluffy sole, whereas trainer slippers are more stylish and made with a microfibre insole, which won't make your feet sweat but means you can pop to the car or bin without needing to change your footwear.

Trainer slippers are more practical as you don't have to walk around barefoot in your house and CrepStars can be work in three different ways - back up, back down, strap up.

Think About Your Layers For Warmth & Cooling

The first thing to consider when dressing for loungewear is what the temperature of the room you're in is like, and whether you need to layer up or not. If you're sitting in a room with an ambient temperature of around 18 degrees Celsius, then it's probably too warm to be wearing anything other than a shirt. If you are feeling a little chilly, then consider layering up with a t-shirt underneath a jumper or adding an extra long sleeve shirt as well.


Stay Warm Up Top With A Cosy Beanie

Beanies are great for when it's a little chilly outdoors, but they're also ideal for keeping your head warm indoors, especially if you're feeling delicate after a late night out. 

Choose Elasticated Pants For Total Comfort

Elasticated pants are perfect for lounging around at home, but you can even wear them for a quick trip to the corner shop while still looking great. The great thing about them is that you can find them in all different colours, styles, shapes and designs, so there's something for everyone.

mens belt

Keep Your Accessory Game On Point

One of the most important parts of your outfit is your accessories. A pair of good-looking, casual sneakers can make all the difference to your look. If you've got a comfy jumper or shirt on, a little detail like a good belt, a statement necklace or some colourful socks will go a long way.

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