If you need a pair of comfortable shoes or trainers you can wear around the house that cushion your feet look no further than the CrepStars Lambo.

It's our unique new take on traditional memory foam shoes and slippers that's quickly becoming the go-to choice of footwear for those who want to keep their footwear game on-point, even while at home.

Why Choose Memory Foam?

With its supportive nature and squishy feel, your feet will never experience such a comfortable shoe. Whether you are just relaxing at home or you are busy running errands, memory foam will help you feel great as it:

  • Increases Comfort
  • Eases Pressure On Feet
  • Moulds To Your Feet

Memory foam offers a huge advantage, if you are always on your feet. When we walk or run, our body exerts pressure on the feet due to gravity. However, memory foam helps to absorb and release that pressure.

As their name suggests, memory foam shoes closely fit the contours of your feet shape, which provides cushioning for each part of the foot. This means once you put on these shoes, you will feel instant comfort.

Memory Foam vs Gel Insoles

Memory foam insoles will give you a great fit, as the material is soft and breathable. They mould to the feet to provide support and cushioning. Some of the most important pros of memory foam insoles are:

  • Pressure Relief
  • Shock Absorption
  • Extreme Comfort

Gel insoles are another popular choice, which help to redistribute the weight throughout your shoe so that pressure is not concentrated on a few points. Some of the most notable pros of gel insoles are:

  • Wider availability
  • Durability
  • Lightweight material

There are many different reasons why you may want to get a new pair of insoles. Both memory foam and gel insoles are used to provide support and comfort to your feet by offering a variety of benefits.

5 Tips To Keep Your Memory Foam Shoes Clean

  1. The first essential step is to brush off the excess dirt and dust from the shoes. Use an old toothbrush to make the process easier and more convenient.
  2. Prepare a DIY cleaning lotion by mixing laundry detergent and warm water. Dilute mild detergent in lukewarm water until you get soapy water that will help you begin the cleaning process.
  3. Next, use either a toothbrush or an old piece of cloth to start with. Dip it in the soapy mixture and brush it on all corners and sides of the shoes. Focus on dirty and stained areas and rub the solution well.
  4. Once you have rubbed all of the dirty corners and sides, clean the solution from your shoes. Use a clean and dry towel to wipe the soapy water. Be careful not to make the shoes too wet and wipe the mixture as you rub it.
  5. Let your memory foam shoes air-dry naturally. They can be left at room temperature. However, avoid exposure to direct sunlight. If you dry the insoles separately, you can help speed up the drying process.

CrepStars Memory Foam Indoor Trainer Slipper

Style. Durability. Comfort. That's the experience you get when you swap out boring old man slippers for CrepStars trainer slippers. Equipped with the latest innovations in indoor footwear our slippers feature super-soft memory foam insoles mixed with fleece line inners and an EVA foam outer sole. It'll feel like you're walking on clouds.

So whether you're at home relaxing, or jumping into your CrepStars for a session in the gym, these exquisite trainers will not let you down. Designed by experts - worn by everyone!

memory foam shoes for men


Are memory foam shoes good for standing all day?

Yes, memory foam shoes are very beneficial when standing for longer periods of time. They help to stabilise your body weight, ensuring there isn’t an uneven distribution of weight to any part of your foot, which otherwise could cause foot pain.

Are memory foam shoes good for flat feet?

Yes, memory foam shoes are suitable for people with flat feet, due to the memory foam insole. When you step on those types of insoles, the foam contours and adjusts as per your foot’s shape and structure.

How long does memory foam last?

Memory foam insoles can last from about half a year to a full year. However, this depends on how often you wear them and the activities you perform in them. Choosing durable and high-quality memory foam shoes will increase their lifespan.

Can I Wear Memory Foam Shoes For Work?

Memory foam shoes, such as the new CrepStars Lambo trainer slippers, are ideal for jobs where people need to stand for longer periods of time indoors, such as teachers or nurses. They provide comfort and reduce foot pain from standing and pressure.

Written by Ben Barnes

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